Who We Are

The ATEMS Robotics Team is a student-led organization at the Academy of Technology, Engineering, Math, and Science. ATEMS is a STEM Academy in Abilene, TX. Our team is the only Abilene ISD funded robotics team. We train students of all grades and skill levels to apply STEM concepts and the Engineering Process to Robotics. Every year, our team recruits over 40 students who dedicate several hours of their week to robotics. During the school year, we are constantly preparing for our competitions.

Our goal is to aid students in applying STEM concepts and the Engineering Process to robotics.


We participate in the BEST, VEX, and TSA VEX robotics competitions. The BEST Competition, which stands for Boosting Engineering, Science, and Technology, takes place in the fall, and we compete in the VEX competitions in the spring. The VEX competition involves building a robot to compete with a partner against an opposing alliance. In BEST, ATEMS constructs a robot out of scrap material and creates a company to market it. Our team has earned numerous awards and recognition in each of these competitions.


We strive to teach students how to think, design, and create. These three things are the core of every 21st Century skill. Knowledge can be learned in a classroom, but robotics provides hands-on application. ATEMS Robotics increases students proficiency in 21st Century skills through our program.

How You Can Help

The ATEMS Robotics Team only receives a small amount of funding through our school budget, so our supplies need refurbishing. Worn down parts and equipment are not very fun. We would love for you to partner with us so that we can have a successful year in robotics! Click here to sponsor our team. Any donation will help. We spend our donations on maintaining equipment, travel costs, advertisement, and competition entry fees.

Want to start a VEX Team?

ATEMS Robotics would love to share our experience and knowledge. If you would like to start a VEX Robotics team--especially if you are in the Big Country area. Please contact us, we would love to help.

Join Our Team

ATEMS Robotics team members, stay up to date on current events and work days. For more information about current events and joining our team, click here to navigate to the team info page.

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