TIP 20/20

Program Vision

Our vision is to provide TIP teachers and students the tools and training to transform their classrooms into 21st century learning environments. With TIP professional development, we strive to develop 21st century teachers and students through the daily use of technology. We aim to create college, career, and citizenship ready students grounded in proficiencies of communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. Our vision is to empower TIP students to apply practical applications of technology to solve everyday problems and tasks.

Participation Objectives

  1. TIP teachers will integrate mobile devices into their daily teaching and learning and use appropriate technology resources to enhance workflow, productivity, and communications.

  2. TIP teachers will create, facilitate, and assess student lessons that integrate 1:1 technology into daily instruction. Integration includes the use of Project Based Learning (PBL) to support the California State Standards.

  3. TIP teachers will participate in ongoing professional development, peer coaching, site collaboration, district training, third-party training, and field trip opportunities. TIP teachers will also participate in providing future PD experiences for others.

TIP 20/20 Pillars

TIP 20/20 is a model for incremental implementation that transforms teaching and learning within the realities of a limited district budget.

TIP 20/20 provides all 29 ABC schools with a technology package that provides:

  1. Mobile Devices for Personalized Student Learning

  2. Professional Learning Opportunities

  3. Modern Classroom Infrastructure

  4. On-site Technical Personnel

Program Description


KEY TIP 20/20 Contacts

TIP program questions or needs please contact:

  • Irene Orozco x 21067 / Program Questions

  • Joe Machado x 21011 / Technical Support, Hardware, Installations

  • Claudia Perez x 21131 / Budget