Smartphone Apps

Below you will find a list of FREE smartphone apps for download:

Virtual Hope Box - (Android | Apple)

Virtual Hope Box is an app designed to enhance and strengthen positive coping skills. Within the app there are games for distraction, relaxation techniques, and a section for inputting inspirational quotes or photos. You can also pick several contacts for "support" in case of any emergencies.

MindShift - (Android | Apple)

Mindshift is an app used to teach and educate about anxiety. The app can be tailored to each individuals needs in regards to situations that cause anxiety, symptoms of anxiety, and effective coping skills.

HeadSpace - (Android | Apple)

An app for guided meditation and mindfulness practice.

Stop, Breathe, and Think - (Android | Apple)

An app for check-ins on feelings and reminders to meditate and take breaks throughout the day.

Sit With Us - (Android | Apple)

An app designed to build kindness and inclusion in schools. The app was developed by a 16 year old girl that was a victim of severe bullying. Allows users to invite others to join them at lunch and make new friends.

Happify - (Android | Apple)

An app designed to create happiness and challenge negativity. Through use of games the user will learn many positive ways to conquer negative thinking and build stronger self-confidence.

Sleep Cycle - (Android | Apple)

An app designed to monitor how restful your sleep is.

Love Is Not Abuse -

An app that is designed to simulate an abusive relationship. The app is mostly for parents of teenagers, but can also be used by teenagers to see what an abusive relationship might look like.

ReThink -

An app to help stop cyberbulling. The app will alert you to "rethink" your response to texts in order to rid the message of hurtful words.