CHS Wellness Support

It's up to you to start making healthy choices. Not just choices that are healthy for your body, but also healthy for your mind.

Feelings and emotions are part of being human...

But sometimes they can be scary, and even interfere with our daily lives. If you notice these feelings or emotions are becoming overwhelming, contact your counselor or a member of the CHS wellness team for support.

Who can I talk to about these issues?

We encourage everyone to talk with an adult that they are comfortable with, whether that is a teacher, administrator, coach, or parent. If you can't think of someone that you are comfortable speaking with, that's OK! You can stop by the front office at any time to speak with any of the following wellness helpers:

Your school counselor is also a great source of help and information. Here are the school counseling assignments for the 2021-2022 academic year:

    • Dr. Gutierrez (A-C)

    • Miss Gomez (D-I)

    • Mr. Baek (J-L)

    • Mrs. Kelemen (M-P)

    • Mrs. Silber Fall Semester Sub (Q-U)

    • Mr. Catlin (V-Z)

Not comfortable coming up to the office to speak with a counselor?

No problem! We have set up an email account as an easy, private way to get in touch with a member of the Wellness team. Just send us a message at


The first question we usually hear from students is "will you tell my parents?". This is where "confidentiality" comes into play. Confidentiality refers to the rules about what information can be shared with others, and what information must be kept between a student and the counselor. We want every student to know what rules are for keeping information confidential. Generally speaking, everything you say in a counseling session is confidential. However, the following are things that a counselor must inform parents, and possibly other school personnel, about by law to ensure the safety of everyone involved:

    • Self-injury (including cutting and thoughts of suicide)

    • Threats to harm others

    • Reports of abuse (if someone is hurting you)

    • Threats to harm school property (attacks, property damage)

If this is a life threatening emergency, please call 911.

Created by Lance Havens and Alex Aronson