Vision, Values and Aims

Vision, Values & Aims


Holy Family RC Primary’s aim is to enable all children to develop their capacities as successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors to society.

Our school will aspire to do this through the following aims:-

  1. To create a secure, happy, attractive and well-organised environment conducive to effective learning for all pupils, regardless of ability, enabling all children to gain maximum achievement.

  2. To develop the children’s knowledge, skills and attitude in all areas of the curriculum in order to encourage lively and enquiring minds.

  3. To encourage respect for spiritual and moral values and tolerance of the views and beliefs of others.

  4. To provide the children with the skills and understanding necessary to take their place in society as responsible, caring adults.

  5. To promote continuous staff development through the school.

  6. To develop a partnership between school, parents and community.


Holy Family School, in partnership with home and parish, provides an environment, which promotes the spiritual, moral, physical and intellectual development of its pupils. A welcoming and encouraging atmosphere pervades the school. Pupils are held in high regard heightening their dignity, worth and individuality.

The search for continual improvement requires that we strive to attain and maintain the highest standards of teaching and learning through delivery of a balanced and well-managed curriculum.

The school endeavors to achieve these aims within the context of a Christian community, which reflects the Church’s teaching of patience and forgiveness.

“Here WE will SUCCEED together”