Progress and Working On...

As a school, we have already achieved our Bronze Award, and are currently working towards our Silver RRS Award.

Bronze Award (Recognition of Commitment)

For our bronze award, we conducted a school survey asking staff and pupils to let us know how they feel at school. The results were overall, positive and we will be working in the future to follow up on our weaknesses and improve our school.

Silver Award (Level 1)

To achieve our silver award, we have held a whole-school forum to create a school charter as well as assemblies to inform students of our work. We have created a presentation board where it will be possible to track our progress as we continue on this journey. The silver award is granted to schools that have shown good progress towards embedding children's rights in school policy, practice, and ethos.

Gold Award (Level 2)

This is the final level of the RRS Award, and once achieved means that your school has fully embedded the rights of the child into the school policy, practice, and ethos. Two UNICEF UK assessors will attend the school to validate this monumental accomplishment.