Home Learning Activities

Or how about trying a bit of creativity...

Family Fashion Show

Put on a family fashion show. Decide what each member of your family will model.

Organise a Family Movie Night

Create a film list for your family to vote on. Discuss and prepare any snacks you need.

Put on a show

Create a performance for your family. You could make a poster and tickets for them too.

Family Dinner Menu

What can you make with what is already in your house? Create a menu and help to cook it. Remember to help with tidying up.

Window Landscape

Draw or paint your view from a window in your home.

Window Art

Create a piece of work to put in your window for the community to see.

Junk Model

Create your own model using rubbish and recycling.

Self Portrait

Draw or paint a picture of yourself.

Make a dance routine

Pick your favourite song and create a dance routine for it.


Listen to your favourite song and learn the lyrics.

Write a Song

Write a song and sing it to other people at home.


Choose something to bake or help someone at home to do some baking.

Bedroom Door Sign

Create your own sign for your bedroom door.

Fashion Show

Choose and create outfits and hold a fashion show in front of others in your house.

Sock Puppet

Find an old sock and turn it into an sock puppet. Perform a show.

Act it Out

Pick your favourite scene from a film or book. Perform it to others.

Learn to sew

Ask someone at home if they could teach you how to sew something.

Picture of where you live

Draw or paint a picture of where you live.

Build a miniature city

Using what you have at home, create and build your own miniature city.

Create a new video game

Design your new video game. Who are the characters? How do you win? Draw and write what you decide.

Upcycle your old things

Find something (clothes, toys, etc.) that you were planning on throwing away and make it into something new.

Learn to knit

Ask someone at home if they could teach you how to knit something.

We'd love to see your creations, email us pics and videos that you are happy for us to share on our website using: culter@aberdeencity.gov.uk