Family Learning & Wellbeing

First things to do outside...

Outdoor Obstacle Course

Design an obstacle course outside. Time how long everyone takes to complete it. Get your pet involved too!!

Make a Bird Feeder

Design and make your own bird feeder. Put it in your garden or outside your window and watch the birds arrive.

Syllable Search

How many things outside can you find that have 1 syllable, 2 syllables, 3 syllables?

Nature Self Portrait

Make a picture of yourself using natural resources you found outside.

Animal Hunt

See what animals or signs of animals you can find outside.

Build a large den

Create a den out of sticks that's big enough for you to fit in.

Outdoor Alphabet Hunt

Find something for each letter of the alphabet outside.

Natural Name

Make your name using natural materials

Outdoor Art

Using natural resources, create a picture. You could make a frame for it using sticks.

Minibeast Hunt

Can you find any minibeasts outside?

Word Scavenger Hunt

Go on a walk and see how many different words and letters you can see.

Outdoor Rainbow

Can you find something outside for every colour of the rainbow?

Make a stickman

Use sticks to create a stickman. Can you make your stickman do different actions?

Magic Wand

Turn a stick into a magic wand and become a magical fairy or the next Harry Potter. What spells would you cast?

Mud Painting

Add some water to mud to make mud paint. What consistency works best? Use your mud to make some art.

Musical Instruments

Using natural resources create a musical instrument. What kind of noise does it make?

We'd love to see your adventures, email us pics and videos that you are happy for us to share on our website using: