Tappan Middle School Athletics and Clubs

1. Sign Up

Families will be able to sign up for Season 1 sports using a Google Form That is now available

2. Physical

Families should email sports physicals for the 2023-2024 school year to the Tappan AD beginning in August

3. Pay to Participate

The Rec&Ed link to complete the $150 pay-to-participate fee for middle school sports will be available beginning in August

Athletics Google Calendar

Season 2 at Tappan begins Monday, Monday November 13th and continue throughout the academic year. This Google calendar will display game schedules for all 4 of our sports seasons. 

Season 1: Cross Country, Field Hockey, Men's Soccer and Women's Volleyball

More information coming soon!

Families can schedule sports physicals for the 2023-20234 school year anytime but must have them ready before the start of after-school sports in September.


Season 2

Women's Basketball

Synchronized Swim


6th Grade Women's Basketball

Season 3

Men's Basketball

Competitive Swimming

6th grade Men's Basketball

Season 4

7/8th Grade Men's Volleyball

7/8th Grade Baseball

7/8th Women's Soccer

7/8th Women's softball

7 Men's and Women's track

6th grade Men's Volleyball

6th Grade Women's Soccer

Athletics and Clubs Director: Matt Winkelseth

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Office: 734-994-2011

Fax: 734-997-1873

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Tappan Middle School Athletics and Clubs