A2 Steam Athletics

Season 1

Cross Country

Field Hockey


Start Date: Tuesday, Sept 6th

End Date: Friday , October 28th

Info + Schedules: Click HERE

Complete the steps below to register

1. Team Sign Up

Complete once per season

2. Pay-to-Participate

Complete once per school year*

3. Sports Physical

Complete once per school year

*Scholarships are available to cover the Pay to Participate fee for families in need. We do not want the pay to participate fee to prevent anyone from signing up for sports. Email stowea@aaps.k12.mi.us for more info

STEAM Athletics Google Calendar

Athletics at STEAM begin Tuesday, September 7th and continue throughout the academic year. This Google calendar will display practice and game schedules for all 5 of our sports seasons.

Season 2

Oct 25 - Dec 15

Women's Basketball

Wrestling @Clague

Season 3

Jan 4 - Feb 18

Men's Basketball

Synchro @Clauge

Season 4

Feb 22 - April 14

Men's + Women's Volleyball

Swimming @Clague

Season 5

April 18 - June 3

Baseball, Softball @Clague


6th Grade Tennis

AD: Amanda Stowe-Blanchard

Email: stowea@aaps.k12.mi.us

A2STEAM School Homepage

Office: 734-994-1958

Fax: 734-997-1232

AAPS District Homepage

Thank you for your support of A2 Steam Athletics!