Bienvenue à la page Junior French

Welcome to our ePortfolio! The Grade 3, 4 and 5 students are really excited to share their creative works in French this year. The Grade 5s have taken on the added responsibility of managing their own page. Please click on a student name to view their work. Extra resources for each unit of study can still be found on my French Wikispace.

Grade 3
Ensemble on peut sauver les papillons

Grade 3 students are asking for your help! Did you know that the Monarch Butterflies are disappearing at an alarming rate?  We planted milkweed seeds in class and we are hoping find homes for these plants so that they can help nourish these important insects. The students wrote a collaborative story about saving the butterflies using the vocabulary from 
L'arbre ungali. We are in the process of making a video of the story using the Explain Everything App on the iPads. Click here to see the video (David Suzuki is one of the main characters.)at 

Vole vole vole papillon

You may have heard the students singing this traditional French song about butterflies in the hallway.  Ms. Smart's class (3B) enjoyed making this video with the iPad
Vole vole vole papillon. The students would also like to share their knowledge about butterflies in this informative video that they made using their découpage artwork and the Book Creator App. Please help us save these beautiful and important insects by planting milkweed in your garden today.

L'Afrique francophone

Students have been learning a lot about Francophone countries in African and the African Savannah. Many connections were made to their Unit of Inquiry and the central idea of Our physical environment influences how we live. The students demonstrated excellent research and presentation skills when preparing their Voice Thread on an African country. The students should very proud of the knowledge they shared about the African Savannah and of their energetic performance of L'Afrique francophone at assembly on April 24th. Please enjoy a capella versions of the song using the Puppet Pals app.

AIM Publishing Contest Finalists!
Félicitations Emmet Currie, Lorenzo Lowenthal and Sanah Currie (Gr.3) who were chosen as finalists in the AIM Publishing Contest. We are very proud of them and their stories. Congratulations also go out to William Cheskes and Noah Hirji for their story submission. Click here to view their story Les trois petits cochons ouvrent un café.

L'arbre ungali eBook

Grade 3 students created an eBook version of the play L'arbre ungaliClick here to view the new book.

Nos résolutions pour 2015

Click here to see 3A's resolutions.

Students reflected on their habits and created resolutions for 2015.  The students recorded a video with the Book Creator App on the iPads.

Comment y aller? 

Grade Three students are communicators who worked collaboratively in their groups to produce plays and songsPlease click here to view their videos and celebrate their growing proficiency and ability in French.

Postcards for Peace

The Grade 3 Students showed their appreciation by writing postcards thanking veterans for their service to those who served Canada in times of war, military conflict and peace or to still-serving Canadian Armed Forces members. We reflected on the sacrifices and achievements of Canadian Veterans. At the Remembrance Day Assembly, several students shared those letters. The students also sang Beau Coquelicot. To listen to this beautiful song and to see the artwork inspired by this song please click here

Je me présente...

Grade 3 enjoyed creating Sock Puppet videos with the iPads. Please click here to view their videos.

Grade 4

Au café

Le service au café était excellent!

Les menus.

The Grade Four students had so much fun creating a restaurant experience for their classmates. 4A had an Olympic-themed restaurant  (Café de la médaille d'or) for their 4B customers while 4B hosted a Parisian café (Chez Moustache). They may be kids, but they have discerning palates. Croque-monsieur, crêpes, baguette and brie were just some of the foods on the menu. You can view their specials and café script on Voice Thread. You may enjoy Annie and Olivia's video of a café conversation while Skyler entertained the customers with this beautiful song, La Seine. Click here to see more photos. Bravo, les élèves!

Kids give a Kahoot!

Annie and Olivia N. showed great initiative and excellent French skills by creating a Kahoot! quiz based the play Chat Angora. Kahoot! is a online platform that tests the students on their knowledge in a game show setting. Grade 4 students were very appreciative of the hard work that went into the preparation and many students have been inspired to to create a Kahoot as well. A couple of students told me that they even play it at home with their families! 

Règle en rap 1!

The Grade 4 students were so impressed with the catchy raps that the Grade 5s were doing with Incredibox that they wanted to test it out as well. Click here to listen to Zoë, Will and Amelia's Règle en Rap 1 (to remind us of conjugation rules). Click here to listen to Ross, Amber, Helen and Savita's rap. Bravo, les élèves!

O Canada!

Students prepared for their How We Organize Ourselves unit by learning about political and physical regions of the local environment in French. The front loading that we did in French prepared the students to become more knowledgeable when pondering the Central Idea of: There is a responsibility to balance human needs and wants with environmental stewardship. In partners, students researched and shared their knowledge of the provinces and territories of Canada. Click here to see our amazing Canada Projects. 

Louis la grenouille

The Grade Four students are very proud of their Louis la grenouille performances. The students focussed on different ways to communicate messages including body language and both oral and facial expression. Please click here to view these videos.

Grade 5

Le festival d'art oratoire

We are so proud of Jamie Rygiel-Baban who represented CIS Independent Schools in the Extended French category of the Le festival d'art oratoire at York University. It is an annual French public-speaking event for students studying French as a Second Language in Ontario schools. It is organized by the Ontario Modern Language Teachers’ Association and Canadian Parents for French (Ontario). The judges were particularly impressed with his command of the language and maturity of his topic (privacy laws and how they relate to the popularity of drones). Bravo, Jamie! Nous sommes fiers de toi!

Grade 5 PYP Exhibition (Exposition)

The Exhibition is the culminating activity of the PYP and calls on each student to demonstrate the learnings they have internalized over the PYP years. They created beautiful paintings which were inspired by a Famous French quote and intended to move and educate their audience. At the end of the Exhibition process, they captured their big ideas and messages in the form of their own quote that they createden français. Please take the time to reflect on the messages conveyed in these inspiring inspiring works of art and reflective quotes. They enjoyed using Google Drawings and Images to bring their quotes to life. 

Alec moved everyone with this quote about his brother who has autism.

Grade 5 loves Kahoot!`

Grade 5s have been reviewing the present tense with student created Kahoot quizzes. Many have been playing at home with their families. Have your child sign into the jslibrary at for fun. Bonne chance!

AIM Publishing Contest Finalists!
Félicitations Emmet Currie, Lorenzo Lowenthal and Sanah Currie who were chosen as finalists in the AIM Publishing Contest. We are very proud of them and their stories. Congratulations also go out to Sierra Benayon-Abraham and Phoebe Rotman for their story submission. Check back soon as they will be publishing their stories in an eBook format for all to enjoy. 

Click here to view Sierra and Phoebe's story, Chat Angora après. There is a very important anti-bullying message. Bravo, les filles!

Le festival d'art oratoire

Four students travelled to TMS to participate in the CIS level of Le festival d'art oratoire, a French public speaking competition. We are very proud of Jamie Rygiel-Baban who was selected to represent CIS schools at the provincial level of this competition in May at York University. Sameer Passi, Anna Aber and Yasmin Bender also presented amazing speeches in the Core French category and should be particularly proud of their oral skill and proficiency.
Félicitations, les amis!

Incredibox videos

Grade Five is obsessed by Incredibox, a website that allow you to make a cappella music with an animated group of beatboxers. Students created rhyming poems and set them to a beat. Warning: these videos may result in spontaneous dancing! Click here to watch these very creative videos.

Je me présente...

Click here  to listen to the Grade 5s introduce themselves in French on Voicethread.

Le bistro des animaux

In December, the students performed plays and songs related to Le bistro des animaux. Enjoy! Click here to view these videos.
Les poèmes: cinquains

Screenshot 2015-02-04 at 2.34.08 PM.png

The students played with common vocabulary describing their interests and different parts of speech (nouns, verbs and adjectives). We learned how to use the Word Reference App as a resource and published a very creative poetry anthology.  A big thank you to Russell Gardiner for putting together this anthology in Google Presentation. You are very knowledgeable in technology and a great problem solver.