Jazz All-State

Festival Jan. 3-5, 2019 at So. Portland High School


Permission Slip

Jazz All-State Auditions Oct. 11 and 12, 2018 at U Maine, Augusta


Students will:

1. Sing their part of the 5-part arrangement. (sopranos sing the 2nd soprano part)

2. Scat for one chorus

3. Sing their voice version of the ballad. (For Fall of 2018 it will be “The Nearness of You") Sopranos and Tenors will sing the high voice version, Basses and Altos will sing the low voice version.

There is no sight reading at vocal auditions.

MMEA Jazz All-State Auditions Drive Folder - Requirements, music pdf's, demonstrations, accompaniment tracks

Summertime Jazz Etude Practice Tracks - to hear your part sung sung by itself

The Nearness of You Demonstration Recording. Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

The Nearness of You Demonstration Recording. Frank Sinatra