to the BUHS/BAMS/WRCC Health Office

We provide health care, health information and emotional support during your student's school year. Each young person is unique and we have the opportunity to get to know your teen during their years at BAMS and BUHS. Our goal is help students stay healthy  so they can access their education.

The school nurses hope to form a partnership with parents and students to help make these high school years successful. We encourage all to make healthy life choices and offer a variety of up to date and reliable health information and skills such as stress/anger management, medication management, nutritional education, substance abuse referral and support.

State immunization statistics for our school can be found at the following in state immunization stats

Looking for a Heath Plan?  

VERMONT HEALTH CONNECT can assist you online or call toll-free. A personal Health Navigator is also available to help you find the right health coverage for your family.

Call 1- 855-899-9600 or visit VermontHealthConnect.gov

Vermont Navigator Directory

INCOMING STUDENTS, 7TH AND 9TH GRADE  please make sure your immunizations are up
 to date. Also physical exams are needed every 2 years for school sports. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the State Dept of Public Health recommends YEARLY physicals for ALL children in K - 12.  Access the recommendations for preventative pediatric health care here.  


Recommendation to reduce total dose per day from all sources of acetaminophen. Many prescription and over the counter cold and pain relief medications contain this drug. 

We are using only regular strength acetaminophen (325 mg) in the health office.

Just a reminder to parents to make sure your students immunizations are up to date.

Medications for students to take at school must be in a current pharmacy bottle and we do need a signed parent permission form for students under age 18, and a doctors order. Over the counter medication must be in an original package and signed permission as well.   

If your student has a life threatening allergy requiring an epipen  ,inhaler or other treatment plan please speak to a nurse to develop an emergency plan and/or anaphylaxis plan.

The blue emergency sheets coming home with students should be sent back to the Health Office to provide updated medical information as well as current emergency contact information. These forms are on the website to download if you prefer.