Meetings start at 7pm

New Member Orientation precedes the meeting at 6:30pm

Meetings are held the first Monday of the month September thru June.

Our September meeting is held in late August to accommodate Labor Day and the clubs Clothing, Toys, & Equipment sale.

Meetings are held at Dover Congregational Church (with the exception of December, March, and June that are offsite).

Each meeting includes a program ranging from guest speakers, activities, or projects.

Contact us for more information:

2019-2020 Meeting Dates

* August 26th

* October 7th

* November 4th

* December 2nd

* January 6th

* February 3rd

* March 2nd

* April 6th

* May 4th

* June 1st

Our MOTHER OF THE YEAR Meeting is in March!

This meeting will be held at Melt Bar and Grilled in Avon @ 6

Can't wait to see everyone on March 2nd.

Feel free to email any questions/concerns to

2019-2020 Theme: Harry Potter


* August 26th - *Sorting Hat Ceremony - Welcome Back

* October 7th - *Defense Against the Dark Arts - Cyber Smarts (Police Officer)

* November 4th - *Potions - Make Your Own Laundry Detergent

* December 2nd - *Yule Ball - Holiday Party

* January 6th - *Muggle Studies - Service Project

* February 3rd - *Transfiguration - CTE Tagging Party

* March 2nd - *Charms - Mother of the Year Banquet

* April 6th - *Care of Magical Creatures - Fill This House

* May 4th - *Astronomy - Spa Night

* June 1st - *O.W.L.S - Installation Banquet