Executive Board

President - Jenni Collins


Hi y'all! For those who don't know me I'm a stay at home mom / full time student. My oldest, Chloe, is in 2nd grade this year! Lex and Lana are 3 and busy learning all the time. My wonderful husband, Albert, helps keep my life balanced and full of humor.

The incoming board, committee members, and I will work together plan socials, fundraisers, and philanthropic events, but I don’t want to lose focus on how our club supports one another as a team. We all have unique gifts and abilities…powers if you may. And like any team we contribute in different ways. Sharing our gifts with each other provides new perspectives and ideas to use in our own lives.

We can’t always tackle these challenges alone, we need to support each other, becoming a team of supermoms.

This is my vision for the coming year because we are mighty, amazing, superior, unbelievable, astonishing, sensational, and spectacular. As a club we are super. And whether it was by scientific experiment, freak accident, or uncanny mutation….when we go out into the world we can say “I grow multiples, what’s your superpower?”

1st Vice President - Theresa Higbie


Hi! I'm Theresa Higbie! I am a stay-at-home mom to my beautiful 3-year old identical twin daughters. I have a wonderfully nerdy husband, Jake, and three adorable, small dogs. My whole family loves to play games, explore outside and be silly. Life is never boring in our house!

I'm excited to recognize the superhero in all of us MOMs this year. I have some awesome speakers lined up for the year so make sure you come to our meetings! Looking forward to an incredible year!

2nd Vice President - Lindsay Middendorf


I’m excited for another fun year with WMOTC. Call, text, or message me if you need anything!!

Treasurer - Robin Conway


Recording Secretary - Heather Schieda


Corresponding Secretary - Chris Bertalan


Historian - Nicky Wills


Hi, I’m Nicky Wills and I am the historian this year! I live in Lakewood with my husband and 2.5 year old twins, Jack and Lily. I’m excited for another fun year in WMOTC!