Course Descriptions:

German I will develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in the German language.  Students will learn how to exchange information and express attitudes and feelings, as well as give opinions in the target language.  A wide variety of methods are used to acquaint the students with the German language, culture, history and tradition.

In German II, language skills are extended and expanded. Emphasis is on communicating in German and developing greater proficiency in the language through vocabulary expansion, as well as more advanced grammar structures. Students will be able to get and exchange more complex information, as well as make suggestions and describe situations.

German III can also be taken for College credit.  This course is designed by the University of Minnesota and meets U of M degree credit requirements. Students will expand their fluency skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing German. Learning the necessary grammar patterns will continue to be an essential part of the student’s learning during this course. Please see the high school German teacher for more information.

Frau Penrod is available at WSHS M/T/TH/F from 8-9 and at WMS after school by appointment.