Central P.E.

Philosophy:  Physical Education is that integral part of education, which contributes to the development of the individual through physical movement.

The Physical Education curriculum is designed to provide students with learning experiences, which will develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for efficient body management.  The aim of Physical Education is to give children the opportunity to develop habits and to maintain lifelong physical well being.

Policies & Procedures:  All students will be expected to participate in daily Physical Education classes.  When extenuating circumstances prohibit full participation, modified activities will be provided.  A written statement from a parent or guardian requesting an excuse will be honored for one to three days, after which time district policy requires a written statement from a medical doctor.

Student's will: 

1)  Wear appropriate clothing and footwear while performing physical activities.  (A prescribed uniform is required at the Junior High)

2)  Perform with appropriate safety equipment in safe environments.

3)  Demonstrate ability to safeguard self and others while participating in physical activities.

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