Occupational Therapy 

Occupational therapists help children be successful at the "jobs" of childhood, including play skills, self-care, school performance, motor development, and social interactions.  Using activities that seem like play to children, occupational therapists

provide challenging therapeutic activities designed to improve the skills children need in their daily life. 

Pediatric occupational therapy focuses on children's performance related to daily tasks and motor skills such as appropriate play and interaction, motor, sensory, and learning skills. Occupational therapists develop goals, design therapeutic programs, and select activities to meet the developmental interests and needs of each child. Occupational therapists work directly with children and their families in order to develop practical skills to promote independence in the child's natural environment. Occupational therapists evaluate children’s strengths and abilities through observations and other formal and informal methods to improve functioning in their daily lives.

Licensed, experienced occupational therapists specialize in evaluating and treating children with a variety of therapy needs including, but not limited to: