Elementary Physical Education Philosophy 2018-2019

Welcome back to Bond Academy for the 2018-2019 school year. My name is Royal Carney (royalc@web.bondacademy.ca) and I am the Elementary Physical Education teacher and Athletic Director for grades 1-8. We are looking forward to having a great year in terms of academics, athletics, and character building. Bond Academy has been steadily growing and the Elementary athletic program has been improving each of the past eight years. This coming school year we will take our athletics program to a higher level of excellence with a fun and informative approach.
I want to create a holistic physical education program. One that builds a students confidence and self esteem. Working from the inside out, rather than the outside in. Mental and spiritual strength are aspects that will be focussed on in our gym classes. I have become a big believer in teaching a student to develop a strong will power, positive thinking, and critical thinking skills under pressure through sports and fitness.
Our Elementary Physical Education Philosophy is based on our students trying their best and having fun. All Bond Academy students are encouraged to participate regularly in physical education classes and try-out for our sport teams. Physical Education can be a great way to develop character and life skills through the education of teamwork, fitness, and physical movement. It is our objective to make every student feel physically comfortable and confident with themselves. Through better fitness and body control, students can improve their athletic abilities and their overall health. 
Our ultimate goal is to create better people through physical movement, health, and teamwork. If a student can begin to see that co-operation, sharing, selflessness, kindness, and compassion can be learned through physical movement and team sports then they will be on the path to success.
Here is the outline of the various units we will study throughout the school year. My program will follow this outline but may change as the school year progresses.
Elementary Physical Education Curriculum 2018-2019
September 2018
Basketball Unit- 4 weeks.
Football Unit- 4 weeks.
Health Week- 1 week.
Volleyball 4 weeks.
Dodgeball Unit- 2 weeks.
January 2019.
Ball Hockey Unit- 4 weeks.
Badminton Unit- 4 weeks.
Health Unit- 1 week.

Indoor Soccer Unit- 4 weeks.
Outdoor Soccer Unit- 4 weeks.

Health Unit- 1 week.

Soccer Baseball Unit- 3 weeks.
Softball Unit- 3 weeks.
Royal Carney
Elementary Physical Education Teacher and Athletic Director
Royal Carney
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