Watertown High School Guidance

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January 22-25: Midterm Exams

January 28: Quarter 3 Begins

February 7, 6-7:30 PM: Junior Future Planning Night

Students: Schedule your guidance appointments online!

**If you need to speak with a guidance counselor about an urgent matter, please stop by the Guidance office even if no appointment is available so we can assist you. Otherwise, please try to schedule your appointment during a study hall or free period.**

1. Click on the link for your guidance counselor:

Dr. Katja Baker

Ms. Adrienne Eaton

Ms. Jaimie Leonard

Ms. Lindsy Orpen

Ms. Kimberly Osborne

Ms. Alicia Bartosik, Guidance Intern

Ms. Jolleen Filio, Guidance Intern

2. Click on an available appointment slot that works for your schedule.

3. Type your name and the reason for your visit (ex: senior meeting) in the “What” section and click save.

You’re done!


Counselors are assigned to students based on the first letter of the student's last name. Counselors stay with students from 9th-12th grade.