Watertown High School Guidance

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The 1st edition of Wellness Wednesday from the WHS counselors is here!

For Guidance related resources during the school closure, please click here.

Looking for scholarships? Special/Summer opportunities? College/university special programs? Check the Guidance Scholarship & Special Opportunities Hub!.

Course Selection materials for the 2020-21 school year can be found here.

Seniors! Important WHS Scholarship Booklet Information is below. Section 1 and Section 2 materials are due by 3:30PM on April 16. Mrs. Tracy emailed all scholarship applications to seniors. Check your email!

  • Link to Section 1 Survey- Fill this survey out once!
  • Link to Section 1 Form - Download the form , type your responses, print one copy of it. Make sure your name is on it and submit it to guidance.
  • Link to Section 2 scholarship application form - Download the form, type your responses and print a copy for each of the scholarships that you want to apply for. Be sure that the scholarship name is on the top of each form. Please do not put the applications in individual envelopes.

Check out an overview of WHS Guidance Programs & Services!

Want to know where WHS students have been accepted? Check out this list of WHS acceptances for the past 4 years.

Students: Schedule your guidance appointments online!

**If you need to speak with a guidance counselor about an urgent matter, please stop by the Guidance office even if no appointment is available so we can assist you. Otherwise, please try to schedule your appointment during a study hall or support class - always be sure to get permission from your teacher.**

1. Click on the link for your guidance counselor:

Dr. Katja Baker

Ms. Adrienne Eaton

Ms. Jaimie Leonard

Ms. Lindsy Orpen

Ms. Kimberly Osborne

Ms. Jenny Kim (guidance intern)

Ms. Katharine Slayton (guidance intern)

2. Click on an available appointment slot that works for your schedule.

3. Type your name and the reason for your visit (ex: senior meeting) in the “What” section and click save.

You’re done!


Counselors are assigned to students based on the first letter of the student's last name. Counselors stay with students from 9th-12th grade.