Pomona Fall 2020

WAGS Fall 2020

Friday November 13 - Saturday November 14, 2020

Pomona College (Virtual Meeting)



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About WAGS

WAGS is a twice-yearly meeting of algebraic geometers in the western half of the United States and Canada that traces its origins back to the Utah-UCLA Algebraic Geometry Seminar started in 1989. Long term planning for WAGS is currently being organized by Aaron Bertram, Sebastian Casalaina-Martin, Renzo Cavalieri, Edray Goins, Dagan Karp, Sándor Kovács, Ravi Vakil, Bianca Viray, and Burt Totaro. For more information about WAGS, please visit http://www.wagsymposium.org.


We hope to broaden the community of algebraic geometers. All are welcome to attend. We especially encourage participation from women and members of groups traditionally under-represented in mathematics. The Diversity Committee for WAGS consists of Edray Goins, Jose Gonzalez, and Bianca Viray.

Community Agreement

WAGS aims to create an environment that is stimulating, supportive, and welcoming to all participants.  We build that through our community, with each of us playing an active role in creating a positive environment.  We ask you to be welcoming, respectful, and generous towards all attendees and recognize that it is your responsibility to ensure that your actions match your intent.  Discriminatory, exclusionary, or harassing behavior has no place at WAGS.  If you have experienced or witnessed behavior that makes you uncomfortable, please contact Renzo Cavalieri at renzo.cavalieri@gmail.com.  All reports will be handled in the strictest confidentiality.


The meeting will take place virtually -- although it is being hosted by the Department of Mathematics at Pomona College.  All talks will be held over Zoom (https://pomonacollege.zoom.us/j/87835019650) whereas the Social Event and Poster Session will be held over Gather.Town (https://gather.town/app/cK2RcVvjqvMxLPyF/WAGS-Fall2020).  All times are Pacific Standard Time.

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WAGS is partially supported by the National Science Foundation and by the Department of Mathematics and the College of Natural Sciences at Colorado State University.  We ask that all participants fill out the registration form to help us with NSF reporting; registration for WAGS is free:

This conference is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 1636713. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the Western Algebraic Geometry Symposium, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

Poster Session

On Saturday November 14 at 12:00 PM Pacific, there will be a virtual poster session.  You will have the opportunity to share your poster over Zoom.  If you wish to present a poster, please state so in your conference registration form.  The deadline to request to present a poster is Thursday, November 12.  The virtual poster session will be held here: https://gather.town/app/cK2RcVvjqvMxLPyF/WAGS-Fall2020

Instructions to poster presenters:

Local organizers

Local organization is by Jarod Alper (University of Washington), Edray Herber Goins (Pomona College), Dagan Karp (Harvey Mudd College), and Bianca Viray (University of Washington).  Send questions to fall@wagsymposium.org