Weekly On-air Net Preamble Script (as of November 27, 2023)

[ Have a clock handy - you will need to give the closing time at the end of the net.   If it is the end of the month, don’t forget volunteer hours and miles. ]

Good Evening.

It's Monday night and it's 1930 hours.

This is Net Control Station [MY CALL] opening the Shoreline Auxiliary Communications service net. This net meets every Monday at 1930 hours local time on the Shoreline Repeater on 442.825 MHz, requiring a sub-audible tone of 103.5Hz. In the event of repeater failure, please switch to on 440.300 MHz for instructions. All licensed amateur stations are invited to check in. The purpose of this net is to provide information and coordination concerning the activities of the Shoreline Auxiliary Communications Service. All stations please standby to check in, when called.

This is a directed net; please direct all communications to the control operator. Be advised that ANY STATION WITH EMERGENCY TRAFFIC MAY BREAK IN AT ANY TIME. Visiting stations will be invited to check in after calling for current members. Please respond when called, with your callsign. If you have any announcements for the net, please advise Net Control when you check in; you will be called for your announcement after all check-ins are completed.

This is Net Control Station [MY CALL] now calling for Shoreline ACS Team Members.   (roll call by list, then ask are there any other members that wish to check in.

We now call for any visitors to the net. All licensed amateurs are welcome to check in. 

Visitors, please respond with your callsign, first name and location

[each visitor acknowledged in turn]

[ all visitors have been acknowledged ] [ call stations having announcements ] 

Are there any additional check-ins or other business for the net?

[ handle any additional check-ins or announcements ]

Good evening all, and thank you for checking in tonight.

This is Net Control Station [MY CALL] closing the Shoreline Auxiliary Communications Service Net at [ current time - probably 19-something-hours ].

The frequency is now clear and returned to normal operation. 

73 from [MY CALL].