Comm Van

Mobile Communications Command Vehicle

The year 2004 was a great one for our group. We acquired a much newer vehicle than we had previously operated. We also had expanded financial support from not only the Fire Department, but also from the City of Shoreline and the Shoreline Police Department. Like everything else of a volunteer nature, financial support is often the difference between dreams and reality. In addition, we were fortunate enough to receive a Homeland Security Grant to help purchase new radio gear for the new van.

Our vehicle is a 1992 Ford E-350 diesel. It had been in service as a Medic One vehicle. The Shoreline Fire Department took over operation of the Evergreen Medic One program in January 2003 and received this vehicle. The Department determined it was too lightly built to serve the needs of this community and decided to use it to replace our existing ACS van, rather than spend more money on needed repairs.

Our job was to rebuild the medic van into a Mobile Command Post to serve all our agencies. Our Commvan Team of four along with other ACS Team members spent most of 2004 designing and discussing, cutting metal, building cabinetry, wiring and finding resources to meet our goals. Fortunately, we had a fine budget, adequate space and dedicated members to make it all happen. We are also very proud of our exterior design scheme that was the result of many hours of discussion. We wanted it to symbolize our commitment to the agencies that we serve and to those who support us.

The Commvan is equipped to operate on the HF, VHF and UHF amateur bands (including packet radio), as well the CB and marine bands, plus the Family Radio Service band. We can also operate on the WADEM statewide CEMNET, regional VHF P25 and 800 Mhz public safety systems. The Comm Van and its support team are available to assist all public agencies. If you have questions, please email us at

Comm Van capabilities and equipment