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Miss Williams

(Year 5) 
Welcome to Year 5
Theme for this half term : “Off with her head”

Looking at the life of Henry VIII

About the everyday lives of the Tudor people;

About the Kings and Queens of the Tudor period and their

impact on society;

How to use first hand and secondary sources of evidence

and evaluate their accuracy;

How human rights have changed since Tudor times;

How to present a persuasive argument in scripts, reports

and in verbal presentations;

About the social, political and moral issues of Tudor times;

Science will be focussing on Science Skills Eg graphing etc

There will be a focus this half term on pupils being able to tell the time in formats such as analogue, digital and 24hr. Being able to tell the time is a very important life skill – Please can you encourage your children to develop this ability at home and not just rely on digital clocks to tell the time.

Reading books should be returned on a daily basis, for pupils to improve their reading age and comprehension age research has found that if children read with parents for just 5 mins each night dramatic results can be achieved.

Pupils need to bring in their P.E kit on Mondays for their “health and fitness course”

Swimming will start on the 12th October and finish on 23rd October, all pupils will need to bring in a swimming costume and towel. Please note pupils will be expected to walk over to Rhydycar on a daily basis therefore appropriate clothing needs to be worn according to the weather.