I teach mostly operations research and decision analytics classes at VCU.  Here are links to more information about the relevant degree programs:

Courses Taught at VCU
  1. OPER 327 Mathematical Modeling
  2. OPER 428 Stochastic Simulation
  3. OPER 427 Deterministic Operations Research
  4. OPER 527 Optimization I
  5. OPER 528 Stochastic Operations Research/Stochastic Simulation
  6. OPER 631 Mathematical Programming
  7. OPER/STAT 636 Machine Learning Algorithms
  8. OPER 639 Practical Optimization
  9. OPER 731 Discrete Optimization
  10. FMBA 603 Executive MBA Statistics
  11. DAPT 631 Decision Analytics Professional Track Data Mining
  12. DAPT 641 Decision Analytics Professional Track Introduction to R
  13. DAPT 643 Decision Analytics Professional Track Optimization
  14. SYSM 682 Systems Seminar II

Practical Optimization Class Projects
In OPER 639 Practical Optimization each year, the students use mathematical optimization to provide support to a real client.  Here is a list of the past projects:

  1. Designing an Optimal Supply Chain Network in Brazil, 2016
  2. Scheduling Classrooms for the VCU School of Business, 2015
  3. Scheduling Recreational Sports Leagues for Henrico County, 2014
  4. Routing School Buses for Open Enrollment Transportation for Richmond Public Schools, 2013
  5. Scheduling Quality Service Reviews and Training Reviewers for the Virginia Department of Social Services, 2012
  6. Staffing and Scheduling an Outbound Call Center, 2012
  7. Generating Schedules for a Call Center, 2011
  8. The Virginia Redistricting Competition, 2011
  9. Scheduling Panels for the Court of Appeals of Virginia, 2010
  10. Scheduling MBA Classes for the VCU School of Business, 2009
  11. Network Design for Middle East Water Distribution, 2008
  12. Generating Faculty Schedules for UNIV 111/112, 2007
  13. Telecommunications Network Design, 2007

Data Camp
https://www.datacamp.com/ for learning R, Python, and Data Visualization online.