Professor of Physics,
University of Washington, 
Box 351560,  
Seattle, WA 98195 
Phone: 206 543 3256
email: silas at uw.edu


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Recent Talks:

Are you living in a simulation? ,  SETI Institute, Mountain View, CA 9/23/2014

Aspects of 21st century nuclear physics,  KITPC, Beijing, China, 8/27/2014

Two charged particles in a box, Benasque Center for Science, Benasque, Spain,  7/23/2014

Chiral sum rules on light-like planes, LightCone 2014, NCSU, Rayleigh, NC, 5/30/2014


My primary interest is in nuclear physics. I am involved in calculations of basic nuclear properties and interactions from first principles, using lattice quantum chromo dynamics (QCD), a method for solving the strong nuclear force (QCD) with big computers.