merif 2023

Midscale Experimental Research Infrastructure Forum

MERIF 2023 Workshop in Boston May 22-24


Sections for the workshop report: e-mail to Chip Elliott, see organizing committee below.

Share your presentation - Please addd yours! This includes posters and slides from news and update sessions as well as anything you want to share from the tutorials and demos.

Glenn's Workshop photos are posted.  Send any additional photos to Glenn Ricart, see organizing committee below.

The 2023 workshop was held May 22-24, in-person at Boston University Center for Computing & Data Sciences, 665 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215 with over 100 attendees including PIs, students, and midscale infrastructure providersSee the conference agenda.

Expected participating Midscale Experimental Research Infrastructures: AERPAW, ARA, Chameleon, CloudLab, Colosseum, COSMOS, EduceLab, FABRIC, National Internet Observatory, POWDER, and SAGE.

The goal of the workshop was to encourage collaborations among midscales, researchers, students, and industry with an emphasis on research productivity, reproducibility, and inclusion. The workshop exposed (potential) research users to the various midscale platforms and encourage cross-platform activities and innovative new research. 


MERIF, the Midscale Experimental Research Infrastructure Forum, brings together NSF-related research infrastructure providers and users to share experiences and improve science infrastructure. Midscale experimental research infrastructures are those funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) in the $5M to $20M range. Each midscale typically attracts hundreds of researchers or more from across academia, industry, and government.

MERIF 2023 Committee

General Conference Chair: Glenn Ricart, U Utah and US Ignite

Previous Conference Chair: Larry Landweber, U. Wisconsin emeritus

Demo Chair: Violet Syrotiuk, Arizona State U.

Tutorial Chair: Fraida Fund, New York U.

Local Arrangements Chair: Abraham Matta, Boston U.

Financial Chair: Zongming Fei, U. Kentucky

Application Process: Jack Brassil, Princeton, U.

Publicity: KC Wang, Clemson U.

Senior Advisor: Chip Elliott, BBN, retired

NSF Liaison: Deep Medhi, National Science Foundation

MERIF is supported by the National Science Foundation under grant 2325469

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