Department of (Department) Course
Stage: 3 and 4

No. of Students: 70 in each group

In the College of Pharmacy, Department of pharmacology I taught the Course(s) below:

1.  I taught Basic Pharmacology Theory I for third level
2.  I taught Basic Pharmacology Theory II for third level
3.  I taught Basic Pharmacology Theory III for fourth level
4.  I taught Pharmacy Management theory for fourth level 
5.  I taught Practical pharmacology for third level

 I taught basic pharmacology theory and practical in dentistry college for 2 academic years
I taught pharmacology theory in nursing college for one  academic year

My Philosophy in Teaching 
  • Is based on a belief that learning needs to be student centered and that students need to be equal partners in the learning process.
  • My role involves using my expertise to put the necessary resources in the hands of the students or more likely to be sure that my students are well equipped to find and evaluate the resources they need to answer their questions.
  • To me the most important skills that I can help an undergraduate student develop are the skill of information.