MSc Thesis:
  • Implementation of Proposed CEMBS-based Fair Exchange Protocol in the E-Commerce

PhD Thesis:

  • PROV-GTS: A Template-based PROV Graph Transformation System for Obscuring Provenance Confidential Information
Journal Papers 
  • "Luminance-based embedding approach for color image watermarking." Jamal Hussein, International Journal of Image, Graphics and Signal Processing 4.3 (2012): 49.
  • "Efficient Hybrid Transform Scheme for Medical Image Compression." Aree Mohammed and Jamal Hussein.  International Journal of Computer Applications 975 (2011): 8887.
  • "Robust Video Watermarking using Multi-Band Wavelet Transform",  Jamal Hussein and Aree Mohammed, International Journal of Computer Science Issues, IJCSI Volume 6, Issue 1, pp44-49, November 2009.

Conference Papers 
  • A template-based graph transformation system for the PROV data model. Jamal Hussein, Vladimiro Sassone, and Luc Moreau. GCM 2016: Seventh International Workshop on Graph Computation Models, Austria. 04 Jul 2016. 15pp.
  • "Obscuring Provenance Confidential Information via Graph Transformation." Jamal Hussein, Luc Moreau and Vladimiro Sassone. IFIP International Conference on Trust Management. Springer, Cham, 2015.
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