José Manuel Gómez Guerra

Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics
Universidad Nacional de Colombia
sede Medellín
Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia
Office: 43-243
Phone:(+574) 4309000 Ext. 46312

Research Interests

My research in mathematics concerns algebraic topology. More specifically, stable and unstable homotopy theory, infinite loop spaces and K-theory. I am especially interested in applying homotopy theory to problems arising from different areas of mathematics such as geometry, topology and algebraic geometry and also to problems arising in the mathematical aspects of string theory. With this point of view, in the past few years I have been trying to understand moduli spaces of flat connections over surfaces, spaces of homomorphisms in Lie groups and problems in twisted K-theory and orbifold theory.

Academic Background

Associate Profesor. Universidad Nacional de Colombia, sede Medellín. January 2014-Present.
J. J. Sylvester Assitant Professor. Johns Hopkins University. July 2011-December 2013.
Postdoctoral Fellow. University of  British Columbia. August 2008-July 2011.
PhD  Mathematics. Adviser Igor Kriz. University of Michigan.
August 2008.
Masters of Science Mathematics. University of  Cincinnati. September 2004.
Bachelor´s degree in Mathematics. Universidad Nacional de Colombia,
sede Medellín.  December 2002.