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Fair Overview

The GIS Networking and Career Fair is an event put on by the GIS Student Organization at the University of Minnesota. It is free to attend and open to anyone interested in pursuing a career in GIS. The GIS Networking and Career Fair offers a Vendors Hall, Professional GIS Speakers, a Resume Review with GIS Professionals, Professional Headshot Photos, and opportunities to network. 

Participating Vendors:

2019 Guest Speakers:

12:00 pm Eric Shook, Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography, Environment, and Society at 
the U of M-Twin Cities. 

"The Hour of Cyberinfrastructure Project: Developing Cyber Literacy for GIScience"

Nearly everyone on the planet is impacted by the combination of geospatial technologies and cyberinfrastructure ranging from GPS to machine learning. Yet, learning these new cyber technologies remains a challenge. The Hour of Cyberinfrastructure (Hour of CI) project is a nationwide campaign introducing hundreds of diverse undergraduate and graduate students to cyberinfrastructure. This talk will introduce the project, which is starting to develop 17 interactive, online lessons for students and creating supplementary curriculum materials for instructors all with a clear learning goal: try cyberinfrastructure for one hour. The lessons will integrate cyberinfrastructure skill building into geospatial-specific curriculum focused on eight core areas: cyberinfrastructure, parallel computing, big data, computational thinking, interdisciplinary communication, spatial thinking, geospatial data, and spatial modeling and analytics. The lessons will be freely available and will reach hundreds and potentially thousands of students and professionals.

1:00 pm Sharvari Sangle, GIS Developer at SRF Consulting Group and MGIS 2016 Alumni.

“Life after graduation what to expect and how to deal with it?”

But are you really graduated? Life after graduation really doesn’t mean you are done with learning, how this ever-changing GIS world expects you to keep up and how to deal with this struggle of modern technologies. How should one keep up with the technology and work full time? I will take you through journey of experiences during job search, experiences on a full-time consultancy job, opportunities I got, and set backs.  I would also like to shed some light on importance of change, initiating the change, being open to change, helping the community and volunteer experiences, the importance of personality development and many more aspects.

2:00 pm Sam Klimoski, GIS Coordinator in Technology and Communications at the City of St. Paul.

"How Today’s GIS Professionals Can Enhance Their Organization’s Mapping Platform"

The role of the GIS professional varies across industries and organizations in terms of responsibilities, expectations and day to day work.  The work conducted by technicians, administrators, developers and specialists in the GIS space is brings information to life by helping to answer questions and solve problems.

At the same time, it’s important to stay current with the changing needs of organizations and with the dynamic technology landscape that organizations have access to today.  To do that, GIS professionals need to continue to evolve, embrace change and employ a consultative approach in their work.  This will ensure that the maps, apps, solutions and systems that you work on provide real business value and are relevant to the audiences they’re created for.

This presentation will outline important core competencies of today’s GIS professionals and discuss how these skill sets, along with modern technology practices, can help to enhance and improve an organization’s mapping platform.

We had some fantastic guest speakers join us in 2018 to share how they use GIS in their projects.
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