Carlson MBA Consulting Club

Our mission is to increase student awareness and understanding of the consulting industry and related employment opportunities. Through educational events and networking engagements, the club seeks to increase student exposure to consulting techniques and methodologies, and create familiarity with consulting firms in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.
Our goal is to increase the appeal of students to prospective employers and decrease the learning curve of new graduates in consulting positions.

Club Activities
The consulting club focuses on three main activities in order to execute its mission.

Case Interview Preparation

The consulting club offers workshops and practice sessions throughout the school year in order to help prepare students for their job search.

About Case Interviews:
The case interview format is standard practice for recruiting in the consulting industry - the use of case interviews has also become increasingly popular in industry as well.  Sometimes a scaled down version of a full case is given during an interview (e.g., market sizing questions - how many golf balls fit in a 747 / how many dog collars are sold in the U.S. each year).  Check out the "Useful Links" section of this website for case interview prep material that we've come across.

Note: We highly recommend that you practice case interviews with a partner, rather than reading through the cases by yourself.

Case interviews allow the interviewee to "demonstrate their ability to structure thinking, respond to complex or ambiguous problems, and reach sound conclusions with limited facts in a short time." (McKinsey & Company)

Check out more information on case interviews

Networking Opportunities
It's not what you know, it's not who you know - it's both!  The club leverages the Carlson School of Management's extensive alumni network to hold social events focused on building relationships.

Read Carlson Consulting Enterprise Professional Director Phil Miller's blog post on relationship building tips:
Building Relationships: Don't Make People Come to You

Consulting Showcase Events
The objective of the consulting showcase is to answer the question "What would you say ya do here?"  The club hosts consulting professionals who paint a picture of what a life in the consulting world entails by presenting examples of client engagements and answering questions from students.