Welcome to Zhao research group in the Department of Physics at the University of Michigan! Our group focuses on discovering and understanding novel electronic phases hosted in the broad class of quantum materials. We utilize and develop femtosecond laser based techniques, including nonlinear and ultrafast optical spectroscopy/microscopy, to investigate the fascinating properties of these novel electronic phases with symmetry, time, spectral and spatial sensitivities.

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- Wencan and Elizabeth's work is published in Nature Physics (Link), together with a "news and views" at Nature Physics ("Order!Order!!") and news at UMich (Link)! - Nov. 4, 2019

- Ian is selected into the physics semester abroad at CERN program. Congratulations, Ian! - Oct. 18, 2019

- Liuyan receives Air Force Office of Scientific Research YIP award (Link)! - Oct. 11, 2019

 Welcome Charlotte joining the group! - Oct. 1, 2019

 Welcome Hongchao, Rachel, Jacob, and Xiaoyu joining the group! - Sep. 1, 2019

 Liuyan receives the Bryan R. Coles Prize, congratulations! - June 18, 2019

 Wencan will start his new position as an assistant professor in physics at Auburn University this fall. Big congratulations, Wencan! - June 18, 2019

 Siwen's collaborative work published at PNAS (Link), congratulations! - May 20, 2019

- Congratulations to Xiangpeng on receiving the Peter Franken Award! - April 17, 2019

 Congratulations to Elizabeth on receiving the Community Engagement Award! - April 17, 2019

 Congratulations to Wencan and Siwen on their paper on CHARGE ORDER in a perovskite iridate published at PRB Rapid Communications (Link), our second paper in the group  - Jan. 11, 2019

- Congratulations to Wencan and Siwen on their paper on SPIN WAVES in a 2D magnet published at Nature Communications (Link), our first paper in the group  - Nov. 30, 2018

 Congratulations to Liuyan on receiving a UMOR award, together with a team of four other physicists! -  Sep. 7, 2018

 Welcome Xiangpeng Luo joining our group! -  May 1, 2018

- Congratulations to Liuyan on receiving the NSF CAREER award! - April 19, 2018

 Congratulations to Elizabeth Drueke on receiving NSF graduate fellowship! - April 3, 2018 

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