Members of the Pletcher Laboratory: Front Row- Brian, Kassidy, Maria,
Kristy, Madeline, Jacob, Tuhin, Tatyana, David
Back Row- Scott Pletcher, Marta, Christi, Allyson, Yang, and Kevin
Not Pictured-  Austin, Haley, Hailee, Sona, Yashu, Yuan, and Zachary

Our laboratory combines genetic, biochemical, and behavioral techniques to understand the nature of aging-related disease. We use the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, as a model system and focus on evolutionarily conserved molecular pathways. Currently, we are studying genes involved in linking neurosensory function, diet, and immune function with aging and aging-related disease. We also seek to harness technological advancements in computational analysis and robotics to improve the capabilities and efficiency of high-throughput lifespan measurements.


eLife published a paper by our lab that was headlined by Jenny Ro, with contributions from Yang Lyu and Scott, as well as collaborators 
  • Gloria Pak,
  • Paige A Malec,
  • David B Allison,
  •  and 
  • Robert T Kennedy from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

  • "We found that the serotonin pathway is important for interpreting the composition of the food, as well as the reward that drives consumption of the food."  -Scott D. Pletcher Ph.D.