Recent Publications (from >100)

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Guerra, A.J., Carruthers, V.B. (2017) Structural features of apicomplexan pore-forming proteins and their roles in parasite cell traversal and egress. Toxins (Basel). Aug 29;9(9). [Cover illustration][“Editor’s Choice” article]

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Di Cristina, M. and Carruthers, V.B. (2018) New and emerging uses of CRISPR/Cas9 to genetically manipulate apicomplexan parasites. Parasitology, 21:1-8. [selected as the journal’s “Paper of the Month”][Highlighted in a Cambridge Core Blogpost]


McGovern, O.L., Rivera-Cuevas, Y., Kannan, G., Narwold, A., Carruthers, V.B. (2018) Trafficking of ingested proteins and microneme proteins intersect in Toxoplasma gondiiTraffic.19:336-353.


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