Group Members

Ault Group Winter 2022

From left to right (back row): Jia Shi, Prof. Andrew Ault, Madeline Cooke, Yao Xiao, Dr. Alison Fankhauser

From left to right (front row): Rebecca Parham, Maddie Clough, Emily Costa, Logan Forshee

Post Doc

Alison Fankhauser, Ph.D. - Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Columbia University; B. A. Chemistry, Mathematics, Lewis & Clark College


Indoor Air Quality

SOA Phase State

Graduate Students

Madeline Cooke (Ph.D Candidate, 4th year) - B.S. Chemistry, Biochemistry concentration, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Jia Shi (Ph.D Candidate, 4th year) - B.A. Chemistry, St. Olaf College


Nanoparticle Health Effects and SOA

Lake Spray Aerosol

Yao Xiao (Ph.D Candidate, 3rd year) - B.A. Chemistry, Skidmore College


O-PTIR Method Development

Indoor Air Quality

Maddie Clough (Rotator, 1st year) - B.S. Chemistry, Central Michigan University

Emily Costa (Rotator, 1st year) - B.S. Chemistry, Stony Brook University

Logan Forshee (Rotator, 1st year) - B.S. Chemistry, University of Kansas

Rebecca Parham (Rotator, 1st year) - B.A. Chemistry, Hendrix College


Post Docs

Dr. Kimberly Daley

Dr. Jessica L. Axson

Dr. Xiong Tang

Doctoral Degree

Dr. Amy Bondy, PhD Chemistry

Dr. Rebecca Craig, PhD Chemistry

Dr. Nicole Olson, PhD Chemistry

Dr. Ziying (Nancy) Lei, PhD Environmental Health

Master's Degree

Daniel Gardner, MS Chemistry

Hongru Shen, MPH

Bachelor's Degree

Justin Keeney, University of Michigan, Biochemistry

Sydney Niles, University of Michigan, Chemistry

Peter Tirella, University of Michigan, Biomolecular Sciences

Graduate Rotation Students

Diana Stark, Toxicology

Ryan Cook, 2015 Fall Rotator, Chemistry

Undergraduate Students

Darrell Tubbs, UROP, University of Michigan

Clarence Page III, SROP student, Xavier University of Louisiana

Raymond Chung, UROP, University of Michigan

Julia McMurtrey, UROP, University of Michigan

Nick Glenn, REU, University of Missouri St. Louis

High School Students

Monwarul Islam, Summer 2018, Cass Tech High School

Mohammed Hossain, Summer 2017, Cass Tech High School

Stephanie Camarena, Summer 2016, Cass Tech High School

Jackelyn Rodriguez, Summer 2014, Cass Tech High School, Co-advised by Prof. Pratt

Desmond Madu, Summer 2014, Cass Tech High School, Co-advised by Prof. Pratt

Past Group Pictures

Ault Group Winter 2020

Ault Group Summer 2017

Ault Group Summer 2017

Ault Group Summer 2016

Ault Group Fall 2015

Ault Group Summer 2015

Ault Group Summer 2014