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We are an interdisciplinary group of chemists, biochemists, structural biologists, and spectroscopists studying the structure-function relationship of metalloproteins. Specifically, we are interested in how metalloproteins are involved in such crucial biological processes as protein translation, peptide posttranslational modification, nutrient uptake, and protein regulation. Members of the Smith lab have the opportunity to learn a wide array of techniques from molecular biology and protein expression and purification (both soluble and membrane), to structural biology, spectroscopy, and anaerobic techniques. We welcome chemists, biochemists, and molecular biologists alike who are interested in understanding the role of inorganic elements in biological settings!

The group (above, September 2023)

Our Group Is Ironclad!

Latest Lab News

July 2024

The lab is super pleased to have our R35 grant renewed for 5 more years! Thank you to NIH-NIGMS for continuous support of our research program!

Congratulations to Kate Magante who received an NSF USM Post-Baccalaureate Research Experience for LSAMP Students (PRELS) award, 1 of only 10 awards given to trainees from University of Maryland, College Park, UMBC, Townson, and Eastern Shore! WAY TO GO!!

June 2024

Aaron presented the lab's work at the XI International Fe-S Conference in Winston-Salem, NC.

The lab welcomes new undergraduate researchers Rya Holzman, John McKenna Soto, and Caleb Zelecke!

May 2024

Mark's paper on the nucleotide promiscuity of Vibrio cholerae FeoB was just deposited in bioRxiv. Read the paper here!

The lab welcomes new post-doctoral scholar Harvinder Singh!

Congratulations to all of the lab members who participated and helpd organize and execute the 2024 FCBIS at UMBC! What a great meeting!

Congratulations to Misti who was awarded a prestigious CBI internship for 10 weeks at St. Jude's Children's Research hospital in Memphis, TN! WAY TO GO!!

Congratulations to Mark for receiving the Robert F. Steiner award in Biochemistry research! WAY TO GO!!

Congratulations to our graduating senior undergraduates Chioma, Jeanne, and Kate: Chioma will be pursuing her Ph.D. in the IBiS program at Northwestern Univeristy, Jeanne will be pursuing their Ph.D. in Chemistry and Biochemistry at UMBC, and Kate will be pursuing a post-bac program! We are so proud of you three!! 

April 2024

Undergraduates Chioma, Darryn, and Kate did a fantastic job presenting at URCAD XXVIII! Way to go, you three! 

March 2024

Alexander won the award for outstanding graduate research at the UMBC Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry's Graduate Research Day! Way to continue the lab's tradition!

The lab hosted Prof. Simone Brixius of the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy as our 2nd HHMI Gilliam-sponsored seminar speaker.

The whole lab attended the national ASBMB meeting in San Antonio, TX! Mark and Aaron gave oral presentations, while Alexander, Candice, Kate, Misti, and Rajat delivered poster presentations. 

January 2024

Aaron chaired a session at the Bioinorganic GRS in Ventura, CA.

December 2023

Congrats to grad students Rajat Jha and Candice Armstrong for passing their lit reviews this month! Next stop: candidacy!!

The lab welcomes its newest undergraduate researcher Christian Taylor!

November 2023

The lab was pleased to host the visit of Prof. Carol Manhart of the Temple University Department of Chemistry!

September 2023

The whole lab attended the IBBR Early Career Symposium, and Misti was selected to give a talk! Way to go!!

The lab welcomes new undergraduate researcher Jeanne Ngo!

August 2023

The lab welcomes Chemistry & Biochemistry rotation student Nimalee Jayasekera!

Aaron attended the Cell Biology of Metals GRC in Mt. Snow, VT!

July 2023

Alexander and Chioma's paper on metal-sensing two-component systems was just accepted in Biochemistry! Great job you two! Read the paper here.

Misti, Mark, Alexander, and Aaron all attended the 2023 ACA National Meeting in Baltimore, MD! Aaron gave a talk, Mark and Alexander presented posters, and Alexander won a prize for best power! Way to go you all!!

Congratulations to Candice and Rajat for passing their lab prospectuses! They did excellent!

The lab welcomes Chemistry & Biochemistry rotation student Kyle Davis!

May 2023

Aaron gave a talk at Structural Biology Day at IBBR!

The lab attended FCBIS 14 at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy where Mark and Alexander presented posters and Alexander was selected to give a flash talk! Way to go!

Congratulations to undergrad Chioma Iheacho who will be undertaking a summer research opportunity at Columbia University!

Congratulations to undergrad Darryn Greene for being accepted to the UMBC LSAMP program!

The lab bids a heartfelt "good-bye" to undergrad Toluwani Akinselure who is heading off to graduate school at Drexel University! You'll be missed!!

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