Welcome to the Smith Lab at UMBC!

We are an interdisciplinary group of chemists, biochemists, structural biologists, and spectroscopists studying the structure-function relationship of metalloproteins. Specifically, we are interested in how metalloproteins are involved in such crucial biological processes as protein translation, peptide posttranslational modification, nutrient uptake, and protein regulation. Members of the Smith lab have the opportunity to learn a wide array of techniques from molecular biology and protein expression and purification (both soluble and membrane), to structural biology, spectroscopy, and anaerobic techniques. We welcome chemists, biochemists, and molecular biologists alike who are interested in understanding the role of inorganic elements in biological settings!

The group (February 2018)

Our Group Is Ironclad!

Latest Lab News

February 2018

Andrew has left the lab. Good luck on your future endeavors!

January 2018

Alex has successfully passed her literature review. Congratulations!

Daniel has graduated and left the lab. Congratulations and best wishes in your future endeavors!

October 2017

The lab welcomes rotation student Xinmei Dong!

Congratulations to Rick for being selected to present a poster on his FeoA work at the UMBC CNMS research symposium!

September 2017

Andrew has successfully passed his lab prospectus. Congratulations!

Our paper on KpFeoB was published in Protein Expression and Purification!

Read the paperĀ here

August 2017

The lab welcomes rotation student Brianda Elzey!

The lab welcomes Andrew Butler as a new member!

Alex has successfully passed her lab prospectus. Congratulations!

June 2017

The lab is pleased to welcome our newest member Big Bertha!

April 2017

The lab is pleased to be featured in the UMBC News about our START and SFF awards! Time to get researchin'...

March 2017

The lab welcomes rotation student Andrew Butler!

The lab is pleased to receive a Strategic Award for Research Transitions (START) from UMBC!

Congratulations to Ijaz and Rick for receiving UMBC Undergraduate Research Awards!

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