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Committee Recommendation

After careful study and discussion the majority of the Committee supports the following change

  • Start and end High School and Middle School 25 minutes later
  • Start and end Elementary Schools 15 minutes later

Now it's Your Turn

Now It's Your Turn

Attend a Presentation - Then Share Your Thoughts by Filling out the Community Input Survey

The Committee has evaluated and validated the benefits of later school start times on the health and wellness of our students.  

We have come up with a recommendation that we believe is reasonable and addresses the needs and concerns of all stakeholders.

Throughout the month of March the Committee will be presenting their recommendation and rationale to all stakeholders in the community.  It's our version of March Madness.

So now it's your turn.  Come out to one of the presentations, or review the presentation provided on this website and then let us know your thoughts by filling out the Community Input Survey.

All community input will be shared with the Committee and Administration and will be used to develop a final proposal to the Board on April 17th.

Presentation Version School Start Time FINAL - Committee Recommendations - March 2017