About Interdisciplinarity

Welcome to a set of pages "About Interdisciplinarity" sponsored by the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies (http://www.oakland.edu/ais). These pages have been housed here while under development, but will be transferred to the AIS website in due course. They are linked to from that site. Feel free to cite the contents of this website as you would any other published work.

Red font is utilized throughout to provide references to the literature.

Point form is used liberally in these pages. It is thus hoped that we can identify the key elements of definitions, history, and best practices. We hope that it will be easier to achieve consensus around particular points. We also hope to encourage discussion around particular points. We generally provide an introduction in prose form to new topics, and also a guide to references that provide more detailed discussions.


Introductory Remarks

1. Definitions A handful of key terms are defined.

2. Philosophy of Interdisciplinarity (very much a work in progress)

3. History of Disciplines and Interdisciplinarity

4. Interdisciplinary Best Practices (Introductory Remarks)

4.1 Interdisciplinary Communication

4.2 Interdisciplinary Teaching four types of undergrad program, graduate education, course syllabi, pedagogy, assessment, careers in interdisciplinarity

4.3 Interdisciplinary Research organized around nine broad steps with subsections for many steps

4.4 Interdisciplinary Administration

4.5 Interdisciplinary Public Policy Analysis

Links to Other Online Resources

Acknowledgments and Plans for Development