IRD 2014

All individuals interested in attending must register. Attending graduate students need to submit an abstract. Post-doctoral fellows, research associates, and summer students are not required to submit an abstract but are more than welcome to do so. Students are then selected for either an oral presentation or a poster presentation. Faculty is not required to submit an abstract or provide an oral or poster presentation.

Oral and Poster Presentations:

Each Oral Presentation session (1st year graduate students, 2nd year graduate students, 3rd year graduate students, and 4th+ year graduate students) will consist of 5 presentations as selected by the Science Committee. Each presentation is a maximum of 12 min in length with up to three additional minutes for questions.

Depending on the number of attendees, some or all of the remaining graduate students may be selected to prepare a poster presentation. Posters are to be of maximum 48”(w) x 36”(h) in size.


Monetary Awards:


3 Travel awards                    $100 each

based on best abstract; only eligible for students outside the University of Alberta

Winners:           Sami Shariff    (University of Calgary)

                          Yanna Ma         (University of Saskatchewan)

                          Shui Jiang         (University of Saskatchewan)     


1 Best Poster                         $150

Winner:         Chad Irwin

1 Best Presentation             $150

Winner:         Robyn-Lee Burton



Honorary Awards:  Number of awards reflects the number of participants


Category Immunolgy

3 Poster Awards

Winners:    Alex Suen, Wayne Juang, Ana Clementin

1 Presentation Award

Winner:      Dominic Golec


Category Microbiology

2 Poster Awards

Winners:     Che Colpitts, Rebecca Gibeault

1 Presentation Award

Winner:       Robyn-Lee Burton


Category Cancer and Pulmonary Diseases

2 Poster Awards

Winners:     Chad Irwin, Sergei Nikitenko

1 Presentation Award

Winner:       Joel Pearson


Category PostDoctoral Fellows

1 Poster Award

Winner:       Elisabeth Davis

1 Presentation Award

Winner:       Nancy Price


If you have any questions regarding registering for the ImmuNet Research Day please e-mail the registration committee