Pol Boada Collado
Ph.D. Student 
Industrial Engineering and Management Science department
Northwestern University
Topic: Dynamic procurement with partial information. 

My current work and research is situated within the field of operation research, analytics, supply chain management and logistics. In particular, I focus on operations management aspects of logistics and distribution.

We live in the era of the information sharing, which sets us to work with environments that are constantly changing. This dynamism affecting the supply chain systems is driven, for instance, by the availability of accurate streams of information (GIS and localization technologies), changes in transportation costs and time, demand fluctuations that are revealed as decision are made or arrivals of new orders that are placed as fast as customers ‘click’ the products online.
In that context, I study how to estimate and incorporate these factors in the supply chain models, so decisions can be adapted to such dynamic environment. We can learn from historical data the fluctuation patterns and apply this information to obtain the best strategy. 
The range of application of such models widely varies from retail companies’ operations to non-profit organization logistics. For instance, home delivery distribution, transportation contracting policies, adaptive inventory models or dynamic resource allocation.

I am currently a PhD student in the department of Industrial Engineering and Management Science at Northwestern University, in Illinois.

In addition to this, hobbies such as Fine Art classes and Judo/BJJ also play an important role in my life. 

Part of my graphic art work can be found here.

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  • Feb 2019 - the paper "The Role of Partial Information and Commitment in Dynamic Transportation Procurement" is now under Major Revision in Transportation Science!

  • Dec 2018 - I will be the Teaching Assistant of IEMS 365: Analytics for Social Good. See the course here.

  • Oct 2018 -  Recently submitted paper:

Boada-Collado, Pol and Chopra, Sunil and Smilowitz, Karen. The Role of Partial Information and Commitment in Dynamic Transportation Procurement (July, 2018). Available at SSRN. Pdf access here.

  • Oct 2018 -  Recently accepted paper!
Boada-Collado P. and V. Martínez-de-Albéniz 2014. Estimating and Optimizing the Impact of Inventory on Consumer Choices in a Fashion Retail Setting, forthcoming in Manufacturing & Services Operations Management.

  • Oct 2018 - I am presenting at INFORMS meeting 2018 Phoenix, AZ. See information here.
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