TVMHS Physical Education Syllabus

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 Course Description:

 All students in grades 9-12 are required to take physical education.  All classes are coeducational.  Emphasis is placed on activities that are high in carry-over values for leisure time use.  All classes are considered an overall important part of the total curriculum.  Students are given the opportunity to help plan, conduct, and evaluate the program.  It is the department’s goal to assist each student to learn as many leisure time skills as possible, and aid all students in obtaining a high degree of physical fitness.  In addition,  it is our goal to provide students with an understanding of the nature of physical fitness, and to impress upon them the health benefits of such activities. 

 Course Objectives:

• Acquire skills necessary to play the activities with enjoyment, safety & satisfaction

• To learn the history, rules and strategy associated with the activity

• To demonstrate the use of properly selected equipment

• To develop lifelong fitness habits as they relate to the overall health of the student

• Learn responsible personal & social behavior in activity settings


• Sneakers and/or cleats (for outside use only)

• Shorts and/or sweatpants

• T Shirt and/or sweatshirt or light jacket

• Extra pair of socks

 Classroom Expectations:

 • Be respectful

• Come to class prepared to participate

• Appropriate language and actions only

• No gum, hats or inappropriate shirts

• Report all injuries to Mr. Hayford

• Secure all valuables


• First offense: Conference with student

• Second offense: Phone call to parent

• Third offense: Detention

• Fourth offense: Referral to administrator

 Students may be referred directly to an administrator for offenses such as fighting, dress code violations, possession of drugs or weapons, profanity or other behavior that is detrimental to the classroom learning environment.



 Each student may earn a maximum of four points per class (See Healthy Choices Rubric).  Points are earned as follows: 

1 Progress Toward the Standard: Minimal or no effort; poor display of skills; no awareness of rules or concepts.

2 Nearly Meets the Standard: Need more sincere effort at learning the skills, rules & concepts; needs to improve desire; works below ability.

3 Meets the Standard: Meets expectation of teacher; works at ability level; comes to class with desire.

4 Exceeds the Standard: Strives to improve current skill level; works beyond own ability; understands rules & concepts; excels within ones own ability at learning and applying the skills.


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