This is a list of the topics that we will tentatively be discussing each day of the semester. I will add links from each one to the slides that I use during the lecture. Those should be present the night before the lecture at the latest. Also listed are the readings/videos for each day and what is due on those days.

1-12Introduction, Programming, and GreenfootWombats 
1-17Interacting with Objects and Solving a ProblemDotGame1, DotGame2, DotGame3 
1-19Types, the Class Diagram, and our First CodeCityScape 
1-24Methods: actions and decomposition

1-26Show your code and Conditionals
SyC #1
1-31Conditionals and Boolean Logic
Quiz #1 (Answers)
2-2Keyboard Input

2-7Show your code and Keyboard Input
SyC #2
2-9for Loops and Lists
Quiz #2 (Answers)
2-14Midterm 1 (Review Sheet, Mike's Review Page, Extra Credit Problems)

2-16Using a List and Arrays

2-21Show your code and New Scenarios and Arrays
SyC #3, Project #1 Ideas
2-23Connect Four and MoreConnect Four
2-28Out Sick

3-2Show your code and Finishing Connect Four
SyC #4, Project #1 Design
Quiz #3 (Answers)
3-9Show your code and Finish Drawing
SyC #5
3-14Spring Break (No Class)

3-16Spring Break (No Class) 

3-21Spreadsheets/FilesSpreadsheet Scenario
3-23Advanced Spreadsheets
Quiz #4 (Answers), Project #1 Due
3-28Midterm 2 (Review Sheet, Extra Credit Problems)

3-30Show your code and Eclipse and Applications
SyC #6


4-11Show your code and JavaFX Animation
SyC #7, Quiz #5 (Answers)
4-13Show your code and Intersections and 3D
SyC #8, Project #2 Ideas
4-18Charts with JavaFX

4-20Show your code and Lighting, Charts, and More
SyC #9
4-25Loose Ends
Quiz #6 (Answers), Project #2 Design
 4-27Show your code and Conclusions SyC #10
5-4, 8:30am(Final Review Sheet, Extra Credit Problems)
Project #2 Due