Forms and Documents

Connecticut and federal forms and documents for name change and gender change.

It is suggested that you follow order listed because changes may be depended upon previous documents.

Name Change:

Names and Name Changes in Connecticut

Procedure for Applying to the Probate Court for Change of Name

Both the affidavit and either the adult or minor forms must be filled out.

Affidavit Re Change of Name (Adult) PC-910

Form - Adult

Form - Minor

Connecticut Law About Name Changes

Tips: In the section for "Reason" just write personal most judges can figure out the reason for your name change without going into detail. Also get as many free copies of the notarized court order that they will give you, you will eventually need them all.

Wavier Probate Fees (Print on legal size paper)

Section 6.2 Waiver of probate fees and expenses

(a) A petitioner may request a waiver of probate fees and expenses, including the cost of service of process, at the time of filing the underlying petition. The request shall be

on a form published by the probate court administrator and shall include any supporting information required by the court or the form.

(b) The court may waive payment of probate fees and expenses if the court finds that a petitioner will be deprived of the right to bring a petition by reason of indigence or that

a petitioner is otherwise unable to pay.

(c) If the court waives payment of probate fees and expenses, the petitioner shall:

(1) notify the court of a substantial change in financial circumstances during the pendency of the matter; and

(2) file an updated request for waiver if required by the court.

(C.G.S. sections 45a-111 (c) and 52-259b.)

Social Security*:

Change a name on a Social Security card


The Social Security Administration has just changed their policy on changing your gender marker, you do not need to have surgery now (See the National Center for Transgender Equality's website for details).

Driver license*:

Connecticut now has a gender neutral option "X"

To change your gender on your diver's license you and your doctor/therapist must complete the name change form and the gender change form.

CT DMV Change of Name & Registration


Adding, Dropping or Changing a Name on a Registration and Title

Letter from the Commissioner of the DMV on changing your gender.

Birth certificate**:

In CT you will need a letter from a physician, advanced practice registered nurse or psychologist in order to change your gender on your birth certificate, for just a name change you will just need your Probate Court order. It is recommended that you change both your name and gender at the same time. When you change your gender marker they will issue you a new birth certificate and if you just change your name they will draw a line through your old name and write in your new name. So it is a good idea to change both at the same time.

Glad's CT Birth Certificate Tool Kit

Mail the forms to:

Vital Records Office

Department of Public Health

410 Capital Avenue

Hartford, CT 06134

The Connecticut legislature just passed a bill (Public Act 15-132) to change your birth certificate without surgery and the governor has sign it into law, the law went into effect October 1, 2015. You will need basically the same type of letter from your healthcare provider as you do for Social Security and your passport.

If you want a copy of your new birth certificate there is a $30 fee and they only accept money orders (Link to instructions).

From the DPH website...

New Public Act 15-132, An Act Concerning Birth Certificate Amendments, changes the law to allow a person to amend the sex designator on his or her birth certificate to reflect a gender change. Surgical treatment is no longer required. Instead, the sex designator on the birth certificate can be amended if the registrant provides an affidavit from a physician, advance practice registered nurse, or psychologist, that the registrant has undergone surgical, hormonal or other treatment clinically appropriate for the purpose of gender transition. Public Act 15-132 is effective as of October 1, 2015.

If you would like to request an amendment to the sex designator on your birth certificate, you must send the following documents to the Vital Records Office at the Department of Public Health, 410 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut 06134:

· A written request from you, signed under penalty of law, for a replacement birth certificate to reflect that your gender differs from the sex designated on your birth certificate;

· An affidavit from a licensed physician, a licensed advanced practice registered nurse, or a licensed psychologist, stating that you have undergone surgical, hormonal or other treatment clinically appropriate for the purpose of gender transition;

· A certified copy of a court order granting your legal name change, if you would like your amended birth certificate to reflect a new name; and

· A ‘Request for Copy of Birth Certificate’ if you would like us to provide a certified copy of your amended birth certificate. Along with the request form, you will also need to send a photocopy of a valid, government issued photo identification (e.g. driver’s license, passport), and a $30 money order payable to “Treasurer, State of Connecticut.”


National Center for Transgender Equality has a very good webpage on changing your passport:



*You will need an original notarized copy of your birth certificate and probate order, and you may need an original of your letter from your doctor.

**You will need an original notarized copy of your probate order and you may need an original copy of your letter from your doctor.