Mission Statement

The mission of the Connecticut TransAdvocacy Coalition (CTAC) is to make Connecticut a safe and tolerant place for the trans and gender non-conforming individual through education and social advocacy. CTAC is a coalition and grassroots oriented organization comprising of individuals and organizations dedicated to the advancement and attainment of full Human Rights for all trans and gender non-conforming people in every aspect of society and actively oppose discriminatory acts.

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The Eleventh Annual Transgender Lives:The Intersection of Health and Law


April 29, 2017

We are proud to announce our keynote speak for 2017 will be Nicole Maines.

Nicloe Maines

Nicole Maines is seventeen years old. She lives in Portland, Maine with her brother, Jonas, her mother, Kelly and father, Wayne. When she was four-years-old she started telling her family and soon after her community and state who she was. Every step of the way she has worked with her classmates and community to be open and honest so everyone could learn and grow throughout the process. Unfortunately, some people continued to fear the unknown. This fear impacted Nicole and her family’s ability to lead a normal life. These fears changed her world and her family’s world forever. Because of this painful journey, Nicole has become a strong woman with a clear and loud voice for safety and equality. She has been recognized nationally for fighting to make sure transgender students have the same rights as their classmates. 

In January of 2014 the Maine’s Supreme Court ruled that Nicole's rights had been violated under the state's Human Rights Act, marking a historic and landmark victory for transgender rights in the U.S. It is the first time a state’s highest court has ruled that it is unlawful to deny transgender students access to the bathroom of the gender with which they identify.

For her hard work and commitment Nicole was named one of Glamour Magazine's 50 inspiring women of the year and was chosen to represent the state of Maine in the series "Hometown Heroes”, titled “50 Phenomenal Women of the Year Who Are Making a Difference." She also was named one the 14 Most Fearless Teens Of 2014 for standing up against injustice.

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