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Stat 152 Syllabus

Stat 152 Fall 2014                                                                              Dr. Gail Ferrell, Professor  

On-line Class                                                                                     

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Office: Redfield High Tech Center 101F                                                      Phone: 850-4045

Redfield Campus  **Best way to contact me. e-mail:

Office Hours: ON-LINE ONLY. I will check email morning and evening Monday – Thursday.




Course Description: Descriptive statistics; probability models; statistical estimation and hypothesis testing; linear regression analysis; and special topics.


1. C or better in Math 126 or equivalent or qualifying by Accuplacer or SAT/ACT results.

2. Self-discipline and good time management skills

3. Good reading skills!!

4.      Access to computer and the internet on a daily basis


Textbook: Essential Statistics: Exploring the World through Data Ready To Go MyStatLab Course

Authors: Gould, Robert Ryan, Colleen N.

Textbook ISBN-10: 0321836987

Publisher: Pearson Math & Statistics

This should be packaged with MyStatLab for a one semester access code.


Calculator: A TI-83 (or other) graphing calculator is required.  TI 83 calculators can be rented for $20 per semester in the Math Tutoring Center at TMCC in Vista B106. Calculator use is an important component of this course. I can support TI 83 or TI 84 questions. Questions about other graphing calculators will be entirely the responsibility of the student.


Course Objectives

The objectives of the course are to:

1.      Introduce methods of organizing, summarizing, and displaying data in a meaningful way.

2.      Introduce and interpret measures of center and variability of data sets.  

3.      Apply basic rules of probability to calculate likelihoods of random events.

4.      Apply methods of hypothesis testing to carry out a hypothesis about population means and population proportions and interpret the conclusion. 

5.      Apply regression methods to analyze relationships of two variables.



Academic Responsibilities:  You are responsible for your own learning and

·         WORKING YOUR ASSIGNMENTS IN MYMATHLAB  regularly and on time

·         Completing homework assignments, quizzes, and exams as specified in the MyStatLab list of assignments

·         Reading the text before attempting the homework

·         Using the instructional aids to support the completion of homework

·         Getting help at the Tutoring and Learning Center on campus when you don’t understand something or if you fall behind schedule

·         Learning the necessary functions on your calculator



Class Format


Begin this course by carefully reading this syllabus. After reading you will take the ‘Syllabus Quiz’ in Canvas. At the successful completion of the Syllabus Quiz, you will be able to view the Access Code for your course.


Go to MyStatLab and register for your course with the Access Code. After registering you will be able to see all homework assignments and quizzes and the due date for each assignment.




Homework will be administered through MyStatLab.  You will have homework for every text section. The due date on the homework is indicated under the Homework tab in MyStatLab and is due by midnight on the indicated date. Please see MyStatLab for each due date for Homework and Quizzes. There are three attempts per homework set. Homework not completed by the day prior to the Final Exam date will earn a zero grade.


Some benefits to using MyStatLab:

1. For each attempt, you receive immediate feedback.

2. Repetition of homework offers you the opportunity to master concepts and skills and improve score.

3. Print the assignments and enter the answers later, allowing you to do the homework anywhere.    Useful if you do not have a computer at home.

4. You have 24/7 access to guided solution, video lectures, and test preparation videos.

5. Access to your grade book to see your scores on assignments at any time.   



Quizzes will be administered through MyStatLabYou will have quizzes over every chapter throughout the semester with 1 attempt for a perfect score.  Quizzes not submitted by the stated due date are late and will receive a zero; no exceptions.  These quizzes will be based on the homework problems assigned from the book.  Quizzes not completed by the day prior to the Final Exam date will earn a zero grade.

Companion Study Plan objectives must be met before taking each quiz.  The Study Plan objectives are met in the homework, however if all objectives were not attained in the homework, the student will receive ‘Quiz Me’ sets of problems until the necessary concepts are mastered. That can mean that a student may need extra time in preparation prior to taking a quiz.


Proctored Final Exam:

The Final Exam will be taken on the TMCC campus in the Proctoring Center during the last two weeks of the semester. Students will be able to select testing times that meet the student’s schedule. For students out of the area, please email your instructor to make arrangements for the final exam.


 Grading:  Your final grade will be determined as follows:

Homework      = 10%

Quizzes           =    10%

Final Exam       =    80%

The final exam is the only proctored exam and therefor makes up a very large part of your course grade. If you have trouble taking exams, please carefully consider if this is the right course for you. Your final exam must be taken at the time of your scheduled appointment. Missed testing time will result in a zero on the final exam. Showing up late for the selected final exam test time may result in an inability to complete the final exam. There are no make-up final exams. Please see your instructor for extenuating circumstances and provide documentation.



A: 90 - 100%              B: 80 - 89%             C: 70 - 79%             D: 60 - 69%              F: 0% - 59%


I cannot e-mail grades!  If you have questions regarding your grade, please see me in person.

The W mark shall indicate only that the student did not complete a course and must be initiated by the student.  Students may withdraw themselves from classes on or prior to the cut-off date.


Ethics Statement: No cheating of any kind will be tolerated. Any student caught cheating; attempting to cheat or assisting in the cheating of another student will receive a failing grade, F.

TMCC's Americans with Disability Act (ADA) statement: Any student who feels s/he may need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability should contact me privately to discuss your specific need and contact the Disability Resource Center at 775-673-7277 in RDMT 315 to coordinate reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities

Student Classroom Conduct Statement:

Truckee Meadows Community College encourages all students to pursue academic studies and other college sponsored activities that promote intellectual growth and personal development. Students are responsible for complying with University and Community College System of Nevada (UCCSN) and college guidelines.

TMCC has an obligation to maintain conditions under which the work of the college can go forward freely, in accordance with the highest standards of quality, institutional integrity and freedom of expression. These standards, procedures for reporting infractions, and processes for addressing complaints and allegations are available on the TMCC web site, college catalog (appendix L) and the office of the associate dean of students (RDMT 327, 673-7114).


Covert videoing is prohibited (Title 4, Chapter 1, Section 21: The use of covert video surveillance for anything other than a criminal investigation on the campuses of the Nevada System of Higher Education is prohibited. If, in a criminal investigation, such video surveillance is used, it must be approved by the President or the President's designee. This policy shall not interfere with the legitimate use of videotaping for academic purposes.


Free Tutoring:

1. Drop-in and group assistance at the Math Center located at the Main Campus, Vista Building B106.  Tel: 674-7517. Hours are posted.  See website for more information:

2. Free online tutoring available at See:

3. MyStatLab also has free online and phone tutoring.

Instructor Course Evaluations

When Instructor Course Evaluations become available, you will receive an invitation in your TMCC email with a link to complete the evaluation. You can also complete the evaluations through your Canvas course. Please be sure you keep your contact information in MyTMCC up to date so that we can contact you. Your response is kept confidential. Your responses are used to improve teaching methods and to improve all TMCC course offerings. Please provide honest, concise, and constructive comments.

Completing your course

If you are having problems, let me know EARLY.  It can make a big difference.   Often, a student will wait until the last week of the course to contact me.  There is not much I can do by then. And please don’t drop the course without first talking to me.  Together, we can explore ways to help you to the finish line.