Dr. Gail Ferrell
Mathematics Professor
Truckee Meadows Community College
High Tech Center at Redfield,
RC-B 101F
18600  Wedge Parkway,
Building B
Reno, Nevada 89511
Phone: 775/850-4045
Email: gferrell@tmcc.edu
Website: www.tmcc.edu
Office Hours Spring 2014
T & Th 12:15 - 2 pm
Expect to spend 90 hours on MyMathLab software outside of class time for the semester. In other words, you will be spending 6 hours per week on homework and study outside of class in order to earn a grade of A or B.
On-line classes, expect to spend 135 hours on this course.
Homework and Testing will be done on interactive software called MyMathLab (MML).
All students will need regular access to an on-line computer to complete homework assignments and Tests.
You may email me in Canvas or through your email server.
First day of class - please come to class with your MML Access Code.
Math 96 with MyMathLab
Spring 2014
 Math 96 On-Line 
Spring 2014
Course Outline
Math 0126 with MyMathLab
Spring 2014 
Math 127 Redfield High Tech Center Spring 2014
 Math 127 On-line
Spring 2014
  Math 96 On-Line Spring 2014
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