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The Fiduciary Difference

Thielen Capital is a Registered Investment Advisory firm which is required to follow the highest standard in law known as the "trust" standard. This requires that we place the client's interests ahead of our own. Many Broker Dealer advisors are required to prove only that an investment was "suitable" at the time of purchase, thus providing a lower standard of client care.

Investment Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on rigorous empirical and theoretical research, we seek to add value through portfolio design and implementation. We acknowledge that mis-pricings can occur but not in predictable patterns that can lead to consistent out performance. We believe in efficient markets, and that in liquid markets, prices reflect all available information and expectations.

Performance Reporting

We provide our clients with "on demand" and quarterly performance reports. These reports reflect the total account performance as well as the performance of each individual investment in the portfolio. We are continually amazed when prospective clients report never having received this service or analysis of the performance of their account versus the respective benchmarks.