If you enjoy dancing with the Leesburg Assembly and want to contribute to its continuing success, consider becoming a full member of our community.  Membership in the Assembly is open to any interested person.

Members of The Leesburg Assembly may vote at all regular and special meetings, vote in elections, and serve on the Executive Board.  Members are given priority access to all Assembly-sponsored balls and special events at a discounted rate.

Membership in good standing is required to become an elected officer or member of the Executive Board.

Assembly Dues 

Annual membership is currently free.

Dance Entrance Fee

To offset the cost of providing a caller and musicians at our monthly dances, a fee of $10.00 per person ($5.00 for high school students) is required.  Fees for special Assembly events or in collaboration with partner organizations may vary.


Dance entrance fees alone typically do not cover the full cost of providing dance callers and musicians, supplies, and required liability insurance. The Leesburg Assembly is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization (Tax ID: 46-5124775).  Individuals wishing to provide additional financial support are encouraged to make an annual tax-deductible contribution.  Contact any of the Assembly's Executive Board for details.

Become a Member

To learn more or apply for membership, contact us.