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    November 19, 2017

    Dear Families,

    Thanks to all who organized and attended the Fall Town Meeting. It was a beautiful day of appreciating the school’s work and what makes the Earth School unique. Teachers shared some of the ways that they work with students and think about education. It was a special day, full of thought, love, and thankfulness.

    At the last SLT, staff members did a presentation about the work that we do on “Professional Development” days. Staff members gather frequently to work on growing their teaching practice, to plan, and to consider important matters that arise. The topics are far-ranging from teaching a particular concept in mathematics to discussing how to talk with students about a terrifying news event. Sometimes we work with consultants, such as last year’s work with Border Crossers, and often we lead ourselves in inquiry, where we present and review student work, a classroom activity, or a curriculum. We read books and articles, share ideas with teachers from other schools, and attend conferences and workshops. We learn from children because each is unique and brings something new to consider. Earth School educators are lifelong learners, inquirers, and discoverers. For your interest, the SLT and I will be sending updates about what staff is working on during professional development meetings.

    I found a mistake on the School Days Calendar that I sent home earlier in the year. (It contained an extra half day in December.) I have corrected the error and am sending home bright orange updated ones for your fridges or bulletin boards (attached). You may also refer to the website calendar that contains other important school events.

    I wish you a wonderful long weekend with family and friends. I send my thanks for all you do, for your tremendous support of this school, and for being you.

    Love, Abbe

    Posted Nov 18, 2017, 6:52 PM by Designer Vanessa Lemonides
  • Abbe's Weekly Letter

    November 5, 2017

    Dear Families,

    Last week, we welcomed a new staff member, Amy Soffer, to join Emily as a third grade co-teacher. Amy comes with lots of experience and is very excited to join our community.

    Next Saturday is our first Fall Town Meeting. By popular demand, we are offering a day of fun and learning for families and children. The day begins with a special exhibit of past and current students along the main hallway. Don’t miss it!! Wondering about how we teach math? Not sure why many teachers oppose standardized testing? Still haven’t been to the rooftop farm? Find out why The Earth School chooses a different path from many of the schools that we went to as children. For the adults, there will be a panel of alumni and parents and workshops about teaching and learning at the Earth School. Children will enjoy fun games and special activities. Refreshments provided by the PA. We hope you will come to this day of sharing the work of our school.

    Storyteller in the house! Renowned storyteller Laura Simms will be doing a series of classes with our third graders. Laura will share stories and help students learn the art of storytelling. She will also lead a COW Club for future storytellers.

    To accommodate students with severe food allergies, The Earth School is peanut-free. Please do not pack lunch or snack items that contain peanuts or peanut products (oil, butter, etc.). Many children and adults are also allergic to tree nuts and other foods. Individual classrooms will post additional food policies to accommodate their class members. Please be careful! Food allergies can be dangerous or life threatening! Please remember school and classroom policies when bringing snack, class breakfast foods, potluck, and bake sale items. When bringing food to share, it is a good idea to label homemade foods as “nut free” and “gluten free” or to list ingredients.

    It’s only November and we have two giant bags of Lost and Found items: coats, lunch boxes, sweaters, and more! The custodians bag up lost and found items. Lost and Found bags will be kept in Room 126 and displayed during Coffee Fridays. We can only hold lost items for a few weeks. Unclaimed items will be given away or put on the street for the taking.

    All for now!

    Love, Abbe

    Posted Nov 9, 2017, 5:44 AM by Designer Vanessa Lemonides
  • Abbe's Weekly Letter

    October 22, 2017

    Dear Families,

    Huge thanks to the organizers and everyone who supported the Fall Fair!! It was another wonderful community event and a successful fundraiser for our school programs.

    This week is family conferences. All teachers and service providers are available to meet. Emmy and Patrice have drop in times that are indicated on posters in the halls. Other service providers have sign-ups and can be scheduled by email.

    Please see the attached letter about the school's Emergency Readiness Initiatives. Over the first two months of school, we teach and practice GRP safety protocols with all students, including Fire and Lock Down Drills. Teachers discuss these drills in developmentally-appropriate ways to promote a sense of readiness and safety. Please let us know if your child expresses any fears related to the drills so that we can follow up. A reminder that adults should only EXIT from doors where a Safety Agent is present. Using other exits will trigger alarms and require an investigation by staff.

    There are still a few open counseling slots with Ali Kander of University Settlement, our on-site mental health clinic. These services are paid for through your own insurance (currently only Medicaid accepted). It does not require a school referral or evaluation. It’s a healthy way to support a child through a family transition or rough patch. For more information, please reach out to Ali Kander (alik@theearthschool.org) or Shirley@theearthschool.org.

    Halloween is coming. For those who partake in this tradition, it's an exciting time as children look forward to festivities, treats, and costumes. All the excitement can make it hard for children to focus and to behave calmly at school. We kindly request that you wait until after school to celebrate Halloween. Please do not send costumes, candy, or sweets to school. Please remind children not to bring their candy to school on the following days.

    All for now!

    Love, Abbe

    Posted Oct 21, 2017, 3:17 AM by Abbe Futterman
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